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Next Race Date!

“Competition Meeting” event.

July 4th 2015 @ 7 p.m.

Gates open one hour before the event, drivers are required to turn up and be registered, at least 40 minutes before the start time.


Oval/short Circuit Racing is motor sport performed within a flat circuit of up to approx 365m in circumference which differs from a road course in that it turns in one direction only and as the turns are all very fast, standard road tyres would not last long with the extreme pressures forced on them.

Oval circuits can vary dramatically in length & physical layout and therefore each track presents its own unique challenges & demands on the driver. Different forms of Oval circuit racing have been around almost as long as there have been cars to race as this was & still is the best form of motorsport. Many categories of vehicle have been used from the monster NASCAR V8’s of the states to the very British minstocks. Here on the Costas, Velocity Racing Spain intend to bring a range of formulas, including 1300 Stock Cars, 2.0 Hot Rods, Lightning Rods, Junior Rods, Rookie Rods, National Hot Rods. If you’re anything like us then this is the ‘real’ racing because ‘trading paint’ & ‘rubbing’ is just racing but without the very high speeds & without the likelihood of serious accidents.

We are looking for sponsors, volunteers, marshals, officials, medical staff etc., anyone wishing to help, drive or in need of a car to race please Contact Us or ring on 674 256 147.

Anyone wishing to have a drive on the day will need to be a full paid up driver and have the proper saftey equipment.

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